Our goal


Friends of Walbottle is a charity bringing together staff, students, parents and others associated with Walbottle Campus, a large secondary school in the outer west of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our current fundraising goal is to raise £300,000 for our Literacy to Achieve project, which will refurbish and expand reading spaces in the School & Sixth Form, and provide high quality books and IT facilities for students.

Our fundraising journey

  • £176,432 59%

Please note, this totaliser is updated weekly

Support us

A donation of £7.50 will allow us to purchase one book for the school library.*  We require an additional 14,000 books for reading spaces in School and Sixth form.

Your support will help us provide students with exceptional learning experiences.

Thank you 

Pledge a book

  • Your donation will allow us to purchase 1 book for our school.

Pledge 2 books

  • Your donation will allow us to purchase 2 books for our school.

*£7.50 is the average cost of a School book.